I’m Simon, an academic editor based in the UK.

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I offer a range of academic editing services – have a look below to see how I can help you.

These services are described in more detail in my terms of service and on my FAQs page.

If you’re not sure what service(s) you need, feel free to get in touch and ask me!



Basic fact-checking and sentence-by-sentence editing of the text, ensuring that it’s consistent and technically accurate.


Line editing

Extensive sentence-by-sentence editing of the language of the text, checking it for tone, idiom, flow, accuracy and consistency.


Structural editing

Feedback on the structure of the text, examining the organization and clarity of the argument and suggesting areas for improvement.


Reference editing

Ensuring that all references in the text are formatted correctly and consistently.


Typescript preparation

Ensuring that the text is styled and formatted correctly for submission to a particular journal or publisher.



Review of typeset proofs to ensure that they’re in good condition before publication.

My background

Why I’m the editor for you

I have over ten years’ experience of language editing and teaching, and have been working as a freelance editor since 2017. In addition to my work with direct clients, I currently work as a copyeditor and proofreader for a host of academic journals, publishers and editing agencies based in the UK, the USA and Canada.

I’m a humanities editor first and foremost, and hold a PhD in modern European history from University College London. I’ve previously studied at the University of Cambridge, where I gained a first-class degree in modern languages (German and Russian).

If you’d like more details, here’s my CV.


Cambridge University Press

Freelance copyeditor (book manuscripts)


Baylor University Press

Freelance copyeditor and proofreader (book manuscripts)


University of Bristol Press

Freelance copyeditor (book manuscripts)


University of Toronto Press

Freelance copyeditor (book manuscripts and journals)


SAGE Publications

Freelance copyeditor (journals)


Oxford University Press

Freelance copyeditor (journals)


Department of German, University College London

PhD in Cold War History


School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London

MA in History


Churchill College, University of Cambridge

MA in Modern and Medieval Languages (German and Russian)


What my clients think

Simon Coll has been of tremendous assistance to us here at the journal Britain and the World (published by Edinburgh University Press) over the last few years. He has played an important role in the production process, since his copy-editing skills are of the highest standard.

John Griffiths (former managing editor, Britain and the World) | 11 July 2020

Simon has edited some of the essays of our journal that have been written by academics whose native language is not English. He shows a great ability to analyze and correct logic (both structural and syntactical), and to find issues that make things unclear and suggest ways to improve them. His work has helped the essays to present things more accurately and coherently.

Qiushi Wang (managing editor, Language and Semiotic Studies) | 14 June 2018

Working with Simon has been very beneficial for me. As English is my third language, I find his remarks and suggestions very useful. Simon always offers an improvement in the style and language of my sentences without changing the original structure, which is exactly what I’m looking for. His input is always subtle and aesthetic. I fully recommend his services!

Chloé Kattar (PhD student, University of Cambridge) | 9 November 2017

Simon has been editing my texts for several years now and this has been incredibly helpful. He is a careful reader, making changes and suggestions that truly improve my work. As a historian himself and fluent in different languages he brings both expert knowledge to the topics I discuss as well as sensitivity to issues of translation from German as well as Romance and Slavic languages.

Gaëlle Fisher (postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Contemporary History, Munich) | 12 August 2017

Since 2014, Simon has edited the language of my research papers, including my PhD thesis and several papers which focus on the translations of a classic Chinese novel. Simon’s editing is very detailed and accurate in terms of linguistic revisions, and also includes valuable advice on the content and structure of my papers.

Wenqing Peng (postdoctoral researcher, Soochow University, Suzhou) | 11 August 2017

More about me


Who am I? Glad you asked!

I’m a native UK English speaker, born and bred in London, though I’m now based in Northern Ireland.

When I’m not editing or trying to get some writing done, I love immersing myself in books – mostly history, of course, but also science fiction of all sorts. I also enjoy playing and writing about video games, particularly on my other site, The Sidewise Historian.

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