Simon D. Coll

Simon D. Coll

Academic editor & German to English translator


I'm Simon, an academic editor and translator based in the UK. I offer two main language-related services:
Academic editing & proofreading
Copyediting, language editing and proofreading for journal articles, manuscripts, conference presentations, dissertations and research proposals. I specialize in humanities and social sciences texts, with a particular focus on history.
German to English translation
Rendering German texts (both academic and non-academic) into polished, idiomatic and appropriate English. I specialize in texts related to history, computing and video games.

What my clients think

John Griffiths
Former managing editor / Britain and the World

Tremendous assistance

Simon Coll has been of tremendous assistance to us here at the journal Britain and the World (published by Edinburgh University Press) over the last few years. He has played an important role in the production process, since his copy-editing skills are of the highest standard.

Qiushi Wang
Qiushi Wang

Accurate and coherent work

Simon has edited some of the essays of our journal that have been written by academics whose native language is not English. He shows a great ability to analyze and correct logic (both structural and syntactical), and to find issues that make things unclear and suggest ways to improve them. His work has helped the essays to present things more accurately and coherently.

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