About Me

Simon CollI’m a native UK English speaker, born and bred in London, though I’m now based in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. I’m a bit of a history enthusiast, and hold a PhD in modern European history from University College London (UCL). I’ve previously studied at the University of Cambridge, where I gained a first-class degree in modern languages (German and Russian).

Aside from my academic work, I have over ten years’ experience of language editing and teaching. I currently work as a freelance copyeditor for a number of academic journals, publishers and editing agencies based in the UK, the USA and Canada. From 2014 to 2018, I wrote and served as managing editor for History to the Public, a public engagement history website that I founded with several other young researchers. There, I provided editing and proofreading for every post published, many of which were written by non-native English speakers (including academics from China, Germany, Italy and Lebanon).

In addition, I’ve worked in a range of teaching positions, including as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) both in the UK and abroad, and as a Learning Support Assistant at a secondary school in London.

When I’m not editing, translating or trying to get some writing done, I love immersing myself in books – mostly history, of course, but also science fiction of all sorts. I also enjoy playing and writing about video games, particularly on my other site, The Sidewise Historian.

You can find my Peerwith expert profile here.

If you’d like more specifics on my background, here’s my CV: